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Driving Questions


What's the process before taking driving lessons?

Good question, First thing you need to do is apply and get your provisional driving licence. Be careful with this as there are companies on the internet that will charge you £££ to help you apply, they look genuine but they are nothing to do with the DVLA (Driver & Vehicle Licencing Agency) Press this link and apply directly for your provisional driving licence with the DVLA. £34 if you apply online or £43 if you apply by post

Before you apply for your licence it might be a good idea to check your eyes are upto driving. The legal requirement is to be able to read a number plate from a distance of 20.5 meters in good daylight. It might be better to have a proper eyesight check as well.


I am not just best picking the cheapest driving instructor i can find?

With all the offers floating about on the internet you might think the best thing to do is just go with the cheapest driving school or approved driving instructor you can find.

You might be lucky and drop on the perfect driving instructor that way or you could be about to make the biggest and most expensive disaster of your life!

Most driving schools are built around reputation and you can expect to pay anything from £5 to £30 per hour per driving lesson you take. Just be careful with any offers you find and ask for full details before you give any money over, most have a tie in type contract, this is just one example. "5 Lessons for £25" this is normally split into 2 hours on your first lesson then 2 hours for your driving test plus 1 hour towards a Pass Plus. Can you see the problem? What if the driving school stops working or your instructor gives up (lots do) you will never get the hours you paid for so in essence your First Driving Lesson will have cost you £25. Most local driving schools will normally offer something like your first hour free so the cost will be about the same anyway.

If you do go for any offers check the driving schools policy, normally in their T&C's, for refunds of your money.


How Long Will It Take Me to Learn to Drive?

Learning is a life long exercise, learning to pass your driving test is slightly different.

The amount of hours or driving lessons you will need to get to test standard differs from one person to another.

In 2007 the then DSA (Driving Standards Agency) now the DVSA (Driver & Vehicle Standards Agency) commissioned a report from a Cohort. The Cohort Report (Cohort-II Report) was a collection of questions from people who had recently passed their driving test. In the report it stated that the average learner took around 47 hours of professional driving lessons with an accredited ADI (driving instructor) and undertook about 20 hours of  practice with an accompanying driver, normally a friend or relative. These hours were spread out across an average of 13 months.

My own records would seem to indicate this to be about right for an average 17-18 year old. The amount of hours required increased with age and other factors.

The Full report can be viewed & downloaded from here. Cohort-II Report